Technology surrounds us. Every day there's new gadgets on the market, you read about it in your industry publications, your peers talk about the latest technology paradigm in this morning's paper...

So what? You want to take advantage of these changes but really don't have the time or the patience to deal with it. Or you think (or were incorrectly advised) that it's too expensive, too much trouble, or not worth bothering with.

Fearless Data is here to help you find and integrate valuable technology solutions into your business.


18-Aug-2011: Fearless has moved to a new hosting partner. Please contact us using the email link in the next panel if your browsing experience on this site is less than perfect!

5-Sep-2007: How would you like to get your mobile workgroup or trade show exhibit on the Internet without spending a fortune? We have the answer.

30-Aug-2007: Fearless has signed with a global agency to bring you the leading products and services in the telecom market.

Whether your solution requires Internet (DSL or direct), wireless, voice, or VOIP, we represent the best names in the industry.


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Fearless Data is an Information Technology (I/T) services company located in Johns Creek (Alpharetta), Georgia. The primary business focus is creation and delivery of valuable technology solutions for small to medium businesses. The founder and President, Thomas Little, PMP., is an accomplished program and project manager with ten years of experience leading large, enterprise technology programs for the services arm of Hewlett-Packard Company. Thomas is a 1999 Bachelor of Business honors graduate of Georgia State University (Computer Information Systems, Cum Laude) and holds PMP and ITIL Foundations certifications.

Communication© Photographer: Laurin Rinder | Agency: Dreamstime.com

That's what it's all about. Just about every technology solution is intended to communicate something. Think about it - that spans everything from your e-mail all the way to your storefront. You want people to be compelled to do business with you. Like a crisp suit and a fresh haircut, every communication channel you use projects your image. You want your best face forward at all times.


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  • VOIP
  • Mobile
  • Office
  • Integration
  • Continuity
  • Residential

The Internet

The Internet is huge. For your business that is! It's more than just an e-mail and web surfing. It's how your customers see and interact with you remotely.

Your e-mail address, your business website, end-user access to your business are all facilitated by the Internet. Are you using free webmail or websites to represent your business? Even something as simple as a custom domain name is inexpensive and makes you stand out.

© Photographer: Qwasyx | Agency: Dreamstime.comVOIP

There's one of those buzzwords. Voice Over IP is simply a method to transmit voice over a data network. But what's in it for you?

Quite a lot actually. VOIP can bring truly cutting edge phone features and capabilities at a fraction of what these things cost over conventional (phone company) methods. Both within a business (virtual PBX, call automation, call handling) and outside (U.S., North America, global long distance, virtual office, follow-me).

© Photographer: Yuri Arcurs | Agency: Dreamstime.comMobile

Got the latest PDA cell phone? Maybe a cellular data card for your laptop? Are you actually getting your money's worth? Probably not.

Typically the folks behind the counter at the big box store or the cell phone store are not capable of or even aware of how these devices can work. You're lucky if you can make a call or synchronize your contacts when you leave the store.

Fearless Data can help you turn that expensive toy into a real tool you can leverage to benefit your business.

Office Solutions

Got WLAN? Know what WLAN is? Actually it's shorthand for Wireless Local Area Network also known as WiFi. It's usually an extension of your wired network and along with it comes additional security concerns.

Whether you're looking for a way to mobilize your office or provide secure net access for your retail customers, Fearless Data can help you. We even have ways to bring your broadband access on the road - supporting a single user up to small workgroups!


This pulls it all together.

Often you'll run across technology that looks like it will stand on it's own. Then you find out all the dependencies after you're already committed. Or perhaps you invested in technology that isn't living up to expectations.

Fearless Data will assist you with the right technology package to meet your business needs and look like the professional you are!

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Small business are usually on a shoe-string budget when it comes to extras like being prepared for a disaster. There's always next week, next month, or next quarter. Just like an insurance plan, it tends to be the lowest priority. Until disaster strikes and you don't have one.

Being prepared isn't always an all or nothing proposal, and there are some really cost-effective ways to be prepared for the worst. Fearless Data can help you plan for the worst and be prepared.

So you aren't in the market for a business solution...

Or maybe your specific needs don't reach the minimum threshold that gets you the commercial discounts. That's OK - you won't be left out. Even though many commercial services (and discounts!) are only availble to business users, there are still some valuable discounts that Fearless Data can pass on to our friends.